Educate Humans. Save Animals.


Would you love to send a message to your ex... but don't want to actually SEND a message to your ex? Well, now you can! We will turn your vengeance into a tasty treat for one of our wonderful sanctuary animals! You can pick from a cookie in the form of initials (2 letters) OR a written message of up to 10 words. Just leave your message in the "add a comment" section on the donation page!.

We will post videos of all treats being eaten starting 2/14/24. They may not all occur on the same day as we don't want to make our animals sick, but we promise- we will give them!

PS- not all messages have to be vengeful- we are happy to feed your love letters to our furry and feathered friends!

All proceeds will go toward our outstanding vet and hay bills from 2023. Any excess will be applied to vet or feed for 2024. 

Thank you for being a BTH Hero and helping us Educate Humans and Save Animals!

Rescue + Education + Wellness

We rescue and rehabilitate animals in need. 

We educate & heal people.

We offer a safe space for animals and humans alike.


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