Baling Twine



Educate Humans. Save Animals.

Rescue + Education + Wellness

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.

We educate & heal people.

We offer a safe space for animals and humans alike

Friday, December 17th

Coping with Trauma workshop

So many of us have faced great trauma in our lives. Release some of that trauma back into the universe and begin to heal. Sign up below. Entry is $25 per person, made via donation to the herd at BTH using this link: .

This will be a safe space and no judgement will be tolerated.

Winter Hay Drive

We have just under $2,500 left to raise for our winter hay drive!

If you make a donation of $25 or more, you may select a free gift of either an "Educate Humans. Save Animals" ornament, or a "Baling Twine & Hope" bracelet. Make your donation at: and indicate "Bracelet" or "Ornament" in the comments section as well as the address where you would live your item shipped. If you would like to pick up your gift, just put "Pick Up" in the comments space along with your choice.

Both the bracelet and the ornament were hand-made for BTH by K&M Rustic Creations.

Image of Clear glass ornament "Educate Humans. Save Animals."
Pewter bracelet with "Baling Twine & Hope" pounded in

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