Meet The Herd



Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse?

Birth Year: 1994 (ish)

Size: 14.2

Gem is such a sweet girl. She came to us in horrible shape, and it didn't take long for us to realize that Gem is mostly blind. Gem's ideal home would be a smaller paddock with a run-in shed and a friend. She is barefoot, and needs no maintenance, other than to wear a fly mask on bright days to keep her comfortable from Uveitis. 



Breed: Standardbred

Birth Year: 2010

Size: 15.2

Bullwinkle is a super sweet boy! He has been lightly started under saddle, but has never put a foot out of line. Bull is only suitable for light riding due to an old suspensory injury. He would make someone a fabulous trail horse.


Sanctuary Horse

Breed: Standardbred

Birth Year: 2020

Size: 15 h

Renegade is a sweet young Standardbred. He has fusing in his hock, and after consultations from 3 veterinarians, we have learned that his hocks are inoperable. Renegade is seeking a home where he can be comfortable and just be a horse.

Image of a shiny, strawberry roan pony looking toward the camera


Rest in the Sweetest Peace

Breed: American Paint

Birth Year: 2005

Size: 15.1

Chance is a 15 year old 15.1 hand strawberry roan paint. Chance and his pasture-mate Zeus were owner surrenders. Chance was with us for 2 years, but unfortunately succumbed to injuries sustained by humans. We will fight to make it so that there are less stories like Chance's.



Breed: Standardbred

Birth Year: 2012

Height: 16.2

Moto is a giant love bug! He was raced last year, and has been hanging out with the herd while he learned out to be a horse again. Now, Moto is looking for his person as a riding horse. Moto would make a great hunter pace horse, he loves to go, but also has great brakes!

Image of WIck after 3 months. Shinier and a bit more weight on him
Image of Wick on the day he arrived to the farm. Thin and beat up

Wick N

Permanent Herd Member

Wick was an emergency save who came to us after an old owner of Wick's was alerted by SRF that he was in a kill pen, and they were devastated. They reached out to us to see if we could take him- and of course we had to say yes. Wick came to us in awful shape. He was skin and bones, and his US brand was brutally burnt off of his neck, leaving his NZ freezebrand. After much consideration, and months of trying to find Wick the perfect home, we have realized that his perfect home is with us. 

Maggie, Marble and Jellybean- Permanent Herd Members

Maggie, Marble and Jellybean are three new herd members at BTH! They came to us from another rescue in New York who needs to relocate and wanted a forever home for these three babies. We are very excited to welcome them to the herd and into our educational program!

Zeus on the day he arrived. Thin and worried. Zues is a tall chestnut horse with a blaze
Image of Zeus after gaining some weight, sideways with his face turned to the camera and his best friend, Chance beside him

Zeus- Adopted!

Zeus is a 16hh  chestnut warmblood. We were told he was around 12 years old, but think he may be older. Zeus is one of my favorite horses that has come through this barn. He has clearly been very abused and is extremely timid. I am working on building trust by handfeeding him, and slowly working on him allowing me to pet and -groom him. We will keep Zeus until he has enough confidence to go to his forever home. He will need a very special person to call his own.

Image of a smiling woman in winter gear holding a brown horse

Royal Todd - Adopted!

"Seneca" is truly one of a kind! He is curious and kind, young and seemingly in great shape! We knew when he arrived that he would somehow stay in the BTH family! We introduced him to Erin, and there was an immediate spark! Erin will be adopting Seneca, and he will be used in our therapy sessions! He has the perfect personality for it!

Image of a smiling woman with blond hair in a blue winter coat, facing the camera with her hand around the muzzle of a brown horse

Bermuda Blue Chip- Adopted!

To be fair, "Cardinal" arrived with a home offer. Linda took one look at his sweet face online and knew he had to be hers! Cardinal is just staying at BTH for quarantine, and then he will be going home with Linda to live out the rest of his days as a spoiled pasture puff!

Image of a smiling woman in winter gear, sitting on the ground and hugging a laying brown horse

RL Gladiateur- Adopted by BTH

"Laddie" is an immediate foster fail. The second he leapt off the trailer, I knew he would never go anywhere. He has the sweetest personality, and a beautiful trot. Laddie was a last minute addition by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation because we had one more stall that we could use for quarantine. We are so happy that we did!

Image an aged brown horse with a white star on his forehead looking at the camera head on

Danny's Glory- At SRF

"Rocket" is a 23 year old retired Standardbred- at least according to his brand. Rocket's brand is registered to a bay horse with NO markings, but as you can see- Rocket has a big star on his forehead. The rescue group said they didn't think this horse was 23, but I think that seems about right. He is a steady-eddy type, very docile and LOVES having his chin scratched. Rocket will make someone a wonderful riding horse. Rocket is adoptable through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.

Side profile view of a brown horse with a white blaze

Hackberry's Roy- Adopted through SRF

"Hobbs" has clearly had a very rough life. He came to us a little head-shy, and more nervous than the others. He is learning to take food out of your hand, and is slowly getting easier to halter in the paddock. Unfortunately, Hobbs has some pretty severe neurological issues. Through the nervousness, you can tell this sweet giant just wants to be loved. 

Hobbs is available for adoption through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.

Image of a skinny, darker brown horse grazing on winter grass

I Put A Spell On You- Retired to SRF

"Nyx" came to us skinny, scared and pregnant. Unfortunately, she was so malnourished that she lost her foal- even though she was about 10 months along. Nyx is definitely the most complex horse at BTH. She has clearly led a tough life- with very little (if any) positive interaction with people. Initially, we had wanted to keep Nyx here, but think that she would be happier in a retirement situation where she doesn't have to interact with people. She deserves to live out her days just being a horse. 

Nyx has retired to the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.